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National Childcare Scheme 2023/24

Explorers Afterschool has signed up for the National Childcare Scheme (NCS) for the 2023/24 school year.

Any parent who wishes to participate in the scheme will need to contact Home  · Applicant Portal ( and sign up. 

Once you have received your CHICK please forward it to us.  We need all the details provided on the CHICK so please screenshot the full award with the child's full name and date of birth visible. Please click the yellow 'view details' button before you take the screenshot.
Parents are responsible for all fees until the CHICK is activated. Parents' need to be aware of their CHICK end date and apply for a new one in a timely manner. It is their responsibility to give us the new CHICK, we do not automatically receive it.

This has to be given to us 6 weeks before the current CHICK expires to ensure continuity of funding. Funding is not retrospective.


If parents have any questions please contact the Parent Support Centre on 019068530

Explorers' are administrators of this funding scheme. We do not make any decisions or have any input into how the scheme is managed.

Fees for NCS have to be calculated 4 x weekly so during the school year you will receive 11 rather than 10 invoices as previously.

Fees are paid by direct debit.

Your fees will vary according to the school calendar, ie whether there are school holidays or camp (ie fewer or extra hours funded) etc.  

We will not know the amount of your fees any month until each new invoice is generated.

Reminder: you will not receive NCS funding for when Explorers is closed, i.e. school closures.

These are the dates that NCS fees will be due for the 2023/24 school year.

3rd November 2023 

1st December

29th December 

26th January 2024

23rd February

22nd March

19th April

17th May


The dates of retrieval of the DD are as follows:


20th November 2023 

18th December

15th January 2024

12th February

11th March

8th April

6th May

3rd June

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