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Platter 1: Meats - Choice of 2/3 every day

Chicken, ham, chorizo, pepperoni, salami, beef, cajun chicken, pate on mini crackers/rice cakes


Platter 2: Cheeses - Choice of 2/3 every day

Edam, emmental, gouda, brie, red and white cheddar, mozzerella, cream cheese (on mini rice cakes/crackers)

Platter 3: Fruits/Vegetables - Choice of 2 every day

Tomato, carrot, cucumber, celery, sugarsnap peas, apple, orange, banana, grapes, melon, pickles, mange tout, peppers, pineapple and plums.

Platter 4: Carbohydrates - Choice of 2 every day

Baguette, muffins, brown/white baps, soda bread, wraps, cream crackers, rice cakes, tuc crackers, crackottes.

We will offer yoghurt/frubes/fruit cake/muffins/pancakes as occasional options.


All children will drink from their own refillable water bottles.


We will cater for food intolerances/allergies and dietary restrictions where possible.

Food cannot be brought into Explorers’ from home.

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