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National Childcare Scheme

Explorers Afterschool has signed up for the National Childcare Scheme (NCS) for the 2022/23 school year.

Any parent who wishes to participate in the scheme will need to contact Home  · Applicant Portal (ncs.gov.ie)and sign up. 
Once you have received your CHICK please forward it to us.  We need all the details provided on the CHICK so please screenshot the full award with the child's full name and date of birth visible.
Parents are responsible for all fees until the CHICK is activated.

If parents have any questions please contact the Parent Support Centre on 019068530

Explorers are administrators of this funding scheme. We do not make any decisions or have any input into how the scheme is managed.

Fees for NCS have to be calculated 4 x weekly so during the school year you will receive 11 rather than 10 invoices as previously.

However, you will be paying the same amount over the course of the year.  Your fees will vary according to the school calendar, ie whether there are school holidays or camp (ie fewer or extra hours funded) etc.  

We will not know the amount of your fees any month until each new invoice is generated.

Reminder: you will not receive funding for when Explorers is closed, i.e. school closures.

When making payment please ensure you reference your payment with the school initials and the surname of the child as used on the CHICK award.  This is essential for the Government department to be able to trace the payments if required.

These are the dates that NCS fees will be due, and an invoice will be issued the week before.

29th August 2022
26th September 2022
24th October 2022
21st November 2022
19th December 2022
16th January 2023
13th February 2023
13th March 2023
10th April 2023
8th May 2023
5th June 2023