Explorers' Afterschool Club

Activites and fun for children aged 4-12 years

Explorers' Afterschool Activities 

Explorers' Afterschool offer a variety of activities. They vary depending on the location of the Club. Activities include Languages, calisthenics, Science, Sports, Cookery, Drama/dance and Art & Crafts.

Bar Monkey Calisthenics - SETNS & GSR

This programme is designed for kids looking to learn the art of Calisthenics. The aim of this programme is to teach kids aged between 4-12 calisthenics all in a safe and controlled environment.

The main aspects of this course have been designed by Jamie Geraghty based on his experience teaching Calisthenics, his time spent training with Shaolin Monks in China and his six years experience as a P.E teacher.

All students on this course will learn how to use their body efficiently, and have a lot of fun while doing so!


High5 Sports - SETNS & Sliabh Rua

Anna is our sports teacher, her programme is a great foundation for any sport and her classes are equally suitable for boys and girls, developing all 6 fundamental elements of fitness: flexibility, agility, balance, co-ordination, strength and endurance. 

Anyone4science - All Explorers' Clubs

These classes will be offered in all 4 Explorers' Clubs from September. The classes consist of a variety of activities including science experiments, designing and making science toys, science games and worksheets.

Most of our experiments use standard household materials so your children can demonstrate the experiments they have learnt about when they get home.
Most days the children make things that they can then take home with them.


Cookery - Scoil Lorcáin & GSR

Cookery Classes are run by the staff in Explorers'. They will be teaching the children different aspects of cooking, from oven cooking to fridge cooking, jam making to chutney making.


Art & Crafts - All Explorers' Clubs

Art & Crafts will be offered in all 3 services during the year. Explorers' staff will run the art classes. Kim in SETNS has been teaching the children about the irish artist Graham Knuttel this term.


French & Spanish - All Explorers' Clubs

This year we are offering both French and Spanish in all Explorers' clubs. Wendy Richards will be teaching French. She is a French native with many years experience teaching children. She teaches children through fun and games.

Spanish will be taught by Ole school of languages. Classes focus on improving communication skills by developing speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.